Trent – Calendar Setup

Your Mini Funnel

Before paid ads, before webinars and before anything else in your funnel, you need to setup a system to make Strategy Sessions easy. We do this by using a scheduling app to allow your prospect to select a time for them. The app will also send automated followup emails to ensure they actually show up for the call.

From here, we send the prospect to a questionnaire which will give you the necessary info you need to qualify them as a good prospect. If they don’t qualify, you can cancel the app and save yourself the time.

calendar funnel

Setting up your Calendar

Go to ScheduleOnce.Com 

Try it free

SignUp For a Free Account


Create your Scheduling URL using your business name

Step 3

Set you availability (You’ll sync with your calendar, so just set your general hours)


Set your time slot to 45 minutes


Enter your business info and tell your visitor to choose a time

Step 6

Sync with your daily calendar connect your calendar

Go to configuration

Step 6

Choose “time slots”

Step 8

Step 9

Don’t allow bookings more than 7 days in to the future and display no more than 4x/day



Select “booking page details”

step 12

Add a headshot and your personal info


Click save!

Save the URL of your booking page to bookmarks for easy access.