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"A Flood of Clients Every Single Week"
Steve gets 8-16 strategy sessions a week with interested prospects, and as a result, he has a flood of new clients! (6 new clients at $3k+ the first month)
"I Sold My Very First Strategy Session!"
Trent finds meaning in giving back to others, and he sold a consulting package on his very first strategy session
"My First Paying Client"

Jen tried it on her own for a year before joining Consultant Mojo, and didn't get any clients. Within a week of joining, $2700!
"I Reached My Goal of 4 Clients In One Month!"
Stacey was hesitant but needed to do something drastic, or go back to a job. Within her first month working together, 4 new clients at $2,300/client!
First Sale $2700
First Sale $3000
Closed very first Strategy Session for $2,500
"I Doubled My Revenue By Knowing What NOT To Do"
For Tom, time is money. By following a proven system, he has doubled his revenue in the last 2-3 months, and now has a 6-figure/MONTH real estate coaching business
"I Pre-sold $12,200 Of My Scalable Coaching Program"
Andrea went from trading time for money in client services to selling her consulting program and leveraging her time. 
John Went From No Money To $20k In The Bank And Now Does Millions In Revenue In His Consulting Business

"In the last few months I went from no money to $20k in the bank "

Christian Martin helped me create my system and in the last few months I went from no money to $20k in the bank and over $500k of proposals with verbal commitments 
Amy Filled Up Her Coaching Practice With 10 New Clients in Two Weeks 

Two new clients today. Nine so far for the month of April. That's a record. 

Two new clients today. Nine so far for the month of April. That's a record. And there are three more intro sessions scheduled for next week! Yep, I believe one month into this little project, I am going to have to begin turning people away. Oy. 
Andrea stopped selling her time and now has a consulting program that she can sell over and over and over again without additional work. Whether she has 5 clients, or 20, it's the same time commitment. Can you say scalable?

It's no extra work each time we sign a client. We're not starting from scratch anymore. 

It feels so good because now that the work is done (and hard work put in) - it's just selling. It's not extra work every time we sign a client. We're not starting from scratch. It's ZERO extra hours of work. Just money added for something already created that we can keep scaling. 
How to Presell $12,200 of Your Program
Grayson Closed $56,000 In The Last 30 Days Using One Webinar

Who is Christian Martin and ProfitFox? 

Christian Martin  is the CEO of ProfitFox Marketing Systems, the lead trainer at ConsultantMojo and a frequent contributor to He went from never having left the country in his life at the age of 26 to working from 5 different continents while helping build multiple million dollar companies in real estate, software and coaching and consulting in his work as a consultant over the next 4 years. 

Prior to this, Christian was a snowboard bum with no background in marketing or consulting. He learned by taking the leap and letting the map appear, even though it was scary and uncertain at times. Today, dozens of new consultants have used Consultant Mojo to build 6 and even seven figure consulting businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world. In his spare time Christian enjoys traveling, yoga, snowboarding, playing the guitar, health and fitness, and screenwriting.
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