Christian Martin, As Seen Traveling in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founder of ProfitFox Marketing Systems
Are You Ready to Identify Your Existing Expertise And Turn It Into A 6-Figure Scalable Consulting Business?
  • Travel the World. 
  •  Enjoy Life. 
  •  Make an Impact. 
Consultant Mojo Is the Step-by-Step Process to Build a Scalable Online Training Program that you Can Run From Anywhere in the world
The Inbox Money 6 Week Online Workshop
Six Weeks To Freedom
Follow the step by step process through a series of videos and micro exercises to choose a market, uncover a specific, painful, urgent problem, create an offer, learn to conduct a strategy session, generate leads, and enroll clients in your consulting program for $1,000 - $10,000+ per client. 
Package or Identify Your Expertise And Start Getting Clients ($1k-$10k+/Client) As Soon As Next Week
Whether you're already an expert, you want to use your existing skillset from your career or personal life, or you're not sure where to start, we'll guide you through the tested, proven process to solve a problem and make an impact on the world
Find Meaning In Your Work
Make an impact, improve the lives of others, and find excitement in your work every day. Build your dream and be in charge of your life
Travel the World
Work from home, South America, Asia, or anywhere else in the world that you want. Travel to exotic locales, meet new people, try new foods and have the experiences of a lifetime
Get Paid Premium Prices
Stop working with clients who don't value you, and start selling high value transformation for premium prices 
Work From Anywhere In The World (even home)!
Ditch the boss and the rush hour traffic, stop building someone else's dream, and start building your own
Bogota, Colombia
Cancun, Mexico
Nosara, Costa Rica
Sahara Desert, Morocco
Koh Phangan, Thailand
Thatch Caye, Belize
Don't Take My Word For It. People Are Already Using This System
"A Flood of Clients Every Single Week"
Steve gets 8-16 strategy sessions a week with interested prospects, and as a result, he has a flood of new clients! (6 new clients at $3k+ the first month)
"I Sold My Very First Strategy Session!"
Trent finds meaning in giving back to others, and he sold a consulting package on his very first strategy session
Stop Trading Hours For Dollars. 
Learn To Sell Value, Not Time.
Stop trading 160 hours a month for money, and start selling simple little consulting programs
The End Result: 3 Pieces to Your Leveraged Program 
Make Your Vision A Reality Without Burning Out
Online Content 
Systemize your value delivery so you can make money even when you're not at work. Don't create a single line of content before you have paying clients
Facebook Group
Use a Facebook group to build community, create connections and add value to your clients
Weekly Calls
Hold weekly one-on-one or group calls to help your clients overcome any obstacles they may have with your process, and get your clients to help YOU with building your program
Put Systems in To Place To Run Your Business While You Sleep 
Whether you're brand new, or you're already a coach or consultant doing 6-figures a year, this will take things to the next level. That means, more impact, more clients and more money without actually working more hours than you do now. 
A Few Of The Systems Inside The Member's Area
The Perfect Offer formula
Create an offer that will generate a steady flow of prospects who want exactly what you have to give
Copy/Paste Application Funnel
Put my systems to work in your business with a couple of clicks. No need for you to reinvent the wheel
Create Your Course Template
Systemize your program so that you can get scalability in your business and increase your earnings
Get The Tools That Will Save You YEARS of Trial And Error
These tools have been tested and refined in DOZENS of consulting businesses, so you can go from average to exceptional in the shortest amount of time. If you want to have an average business and struggle through trial and error with marginal results, skip using these in your business. 
A Few Of The Tools Inside The Member's Area
"Casual Conversations" Strategy Session Script
Close more clients without being outgoing or salesy, get the credit card details on the first call and do away with followups forever. 
"Find the fire" market survey"
Find out the painful, urgent problem that your market is begging for someone to come along and solve for them, so they can stay focused on doing what they do best. 
"Lead Generation Machine"
Imagine getting your new "hair on fire" offer in front of hundreds of your ideal clients every night while you're asleep, and waking up to messages in your inboxes with requests to learn more about working with you. 

Kim closed her first client using the "casual conversations" strategy session script.

Guys, I just closed a sale. $2,700! I seriously owe it all to Christian's sales script. It's the most effective script i've used and I felt the most comfortable delivering it than I have on any past calls. Owe this major celebration to Christian. 
"My First Paying Client"
Jen tried it on her own for a year before joining Consultant Mojo, and didn't get any clients. Within a week of joining, $2700!
"I Reached My Goal Of 4 Clients!"
Stacey was hesitant but needed to do something drastic, or go back to a job. Within her first month working together, 4 new clients at $2,300/client!
Get every piece and system of your business in to place in the next 6 weeks while getting clients at the same time. 
Put the foundation in place for success, and stay focused, disciplined and on track with our 
PhD level "anti-procrastination" formula
  • Week 1 is the Consulting success mindset so that you’re set up for success from the very beginning 
  •  Week 2 is Creating Your Niche so you are targeting high-value clients who will pay for you to solve their problems
  •  Week 3 is Defining your High Value Offer so you can easily attract those clients to you without Cold calling, FB advertising or anything else
  •  Week 4 is Six Figure Strategy Session Training so you can close high-value clients without being salesy 
  •  Week 5 is Lead generation machine to get you enough clients to replace your full time income and travel the world 
  •  Week 6 is Systems and Automation to help you grow your income and make more in less time

Imagine The Feeling Of Excitement You'll Get When You Close Your First (Or Next) High-Ticket Sale
Or the feeling you'll get when you get an email from your new client telling you about how you changed their life for the better.
First Sale $2700
First Sale $3000
Closed Very First Strategy Session For $2,500
Identify Your Existing Expertise, Even If You're Not Sure If You're An Expert Yet
We use "problem/solution-based" consulting. Your offer will be determined by the problems in the market and the market's desired solution. It's not all about you. Even if you already have an offer, we're going to tweak it to match the marketplace and draw your clients to you like a bear to honey. Our proven niche selection masterclass will help you uncover your own inherent potential and develop your expertise, even if that means starting from scratch.
Master The Four Fundamentals of A Scalable Consulting Business
Choose the Right Market
Create the Right Offer
Implement the Right Enrollment
Systemize the Right Delivery
Consultant Mojo Inbox Money is Perfect For:
Digital Nomads and Freelancers
Coaches and Consultants
Authors, Professionals and Experts
Aspiring and Actual Entrepreneurs
"I Doubled My Revenue"
For Tom, time is money. By following a proven system, he has doubled his revenue in the last 2-3 months, and now has a 6-figure/MONTH coaching business

"Money Back On The First Client"
Andrea went from trading time for money in client services to selling her consulting program and leveraging her time. 
John Went From No Money To $20k In The Bank And Now Does Millions In Revenue In His Consulting Business.

"In the last few months I went from no money to $20k in the bank "

Christian Martin helped me create my system and in the last few months I went from no money to $20k in the bank and over $500k of proposals with verbal commitments 
Amy Filled Up Her Coaching Practice With 10 New Clients in Two Weeks 

Two new clients today. Nine so far for the month of April. That's a record. 

Two new clients today. Nine so far for the month of April. That's a record. And there are three more intro sessions scheduled for next week! Yep, I believe one month into this little project, I am going to have to begin turning people away. Oy. 
Andrea Stopped Selling Her Time And Now Has A Consulting Program That She Can Sell Over And Over And Over Again Without Additional Work. 
Whether she has 5 clients, or 20, it's the same time commitment. Can you say scalable?

It's no extra work each time we sign a client. We're not starting from scratch anymore. 

It feels so good because now that the work is done (and hard work put in) - it's just selling. It's not extra work every time we sign a client. We're not starting from scratch. It's ZERO extra hours of work. Just money added for something already created that we can keep scaling. 
This Free Workshop Won't Be Free Forever 
Watch the webinar before it's gone.

Who is Christian Martin and ProfitFox? 

Christian Martin  is the CEO of ProfitFox Marketing Systems, the lead trainer at ConsultantMojo and a frequent contributor to He went from never having left the country in his life at the age of 26 to working from 5 different continents while helping build multiple million dollar companies in real estate, software and coaching and consulting in his work as a consultant over the next 4 years. 

Prior to this, Christian was a snowboard bum with no background in marketing or consulting. He learned by taking the leap and letting the map appear, even though it was scary and uncertain at times. Today, dozens of new consultants have used Consultant Mojo to build 6 and even seven figure consulting businesses that can be run from anywhere in the world. In his spare time Christian enjoys traveling, yoga, snowboarding, playing the guitar, health and fitness, and screenwriting.
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